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SUMMIT Deliverables

For the SUMMIT deliverables, please take a look at the right column.


They are also accessible via the tab 'Online Modules'.


The project has ended in February 2017 and all events have been completed. Reports about the events and contributions by speakers are accessible via the links below. 




Roundtable Discussions 

  • on External Action: IstanbulHelsinki (Dec 2015) and Natolin (Feb 2017)
  • on Internal Dynamics: Maastricht (Dec 2015)
  • a Practitioner's Perspective: Cologne (January 2016)
  • on personal leadership within the European Council: Paris (April 2016)
  • on the dominant role of the EUCO in the EU's institutional architecture: Paris (April 2016)
  • on dynamics of decision making inside the European Council: Prague
  • on EU Institutional Balance: Rome (April 2016) and Florence (Jan 2017)
  • the European Council's Functions - a Close-up on BREXIT: Vilnius (April 2016)
  • on the European Council - Turkey Cooperation in the Refugee Crisis - Cologne (May 2016)
  • on the European Council: Bratislava (June 2016)
  • on the European Council and the AFSJ: Bruges (Oct 2016)
  • on the European Council's role in Turkey's accession and Brexit: Istanbul (Nov 2016) 

SUMMIT Dissemination Conference with Jim Cloos

"Spreading knowledge and fostering research about a key institution"

On January 16th and 17th January 2017 the SUMMIT Dissemination Conference took place in the Europäische Akademie, Berlin.

Speakers and participants provided insights in internal dynamics of the European Council as well as on useful teaching tools and techniques. A Highlight was the key note speach of Jim Cloos, Deputy-Director General at the General Secretariat of the European Council.

The full speech of Jim Cloos, panel reports and pictures are available here

Further readings and useful links